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B&W Global provides you with the Medical Experts to mitigate the every day headaches associated with the complex litigation process.  Every one of your clients' cases is important.  Don't settle for anything less than an expert's review.

Most law firms do not have trained medical professionals on staff

B&W Global does

What Our Clients Say:

Contact us to discuss how we can help your firm at any point in the Mass Tort Process.

What we do:

Maximize your efficiency. We cut your case review time by 90%

Mark Abramowitz

          The DiCello Law Firm - Cleveland, OH

"B&W’s medical chronologies are complete and concise.  They save me and my staff time and reduce our firm's overhead.  Without their help, some MDL deadlines would be tough to meet."

C. Calvin Warriner III 

          Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley - West Palm Beach, FL

"I refer to my B&W medical record binders and chronologies daily.  From quick look client conference and depo prep, to plugging clients into settlement grids, these products are worth their weight in gold.  Can't imagine how anyone who handles a large case volume can live without them."

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What else we do:

  • Demonstrative Evidence
  • E-Discovery
  • Transcription
  • Trial Presentations
  • Need something but don't see it here?  Contact us and let's discuss!

Let our team of Physicians & Case Managers bring expert insight to your cases at a price that makes sense!


Mass Tort Settlement Solutions:

Pharmaceutical Evaluation:

Orthopedic Case Evaluation:

We create a case specific summary that includes:

  • Proof of Product ID
  • Blood Ion Levels & Body Mass Index measurements
  • Imaging reports and pathology findings
  • Re-Revisions, fractures, dislocations, infections, etc.

We create a case specific summary that includes:

  • Detailed pharmacy logs
  • Start and stop dates
  • Total exposure / dosage
  • Identify all co-morbid factors

Missing key enhancements in your cases can cost your clients and your firm a significant amount of money.  With an expert reviewing your case, you can ensure accuracy and full recovery for your clients.

You will receive a 100% complete settlement package ready to submit to the claims administrator, so you never stress about MDL Submission Deadlines.

We assist in maximizing your clients' claims by:

- Determining all enhancement factors

- Auditing your in-house work product

- Clearly identifying requirements for Base and Enhancement Pay

Fact Sheet Completion:

Medical Record Retrieval:

We will:

  • Complete all pain-staking clinical information sections
  • Provide you with the Fact Sheet ready to send to the client
  • Improve Client and Attorney Relations
  • Save you and your staff time

Avoid redundancies and save your staff from dealing with multiple vendors:

  • Verification for correct facility information to avoid rejections
  • Submit request the quickest way possible per facility instructions
  • We contact the facility every THREE days until records are received
  • Facility invoices are prepaid on client's behalf for a speedy process
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Hunter Linville

          Ferrer, Poirot & Wansbrough - Atlanta, GA

"Since implementing B&W reviews, my staff and I have saved a significant amount of time in the medical records review process. B&W reviews provide a clear and concise summary of all the relevant information concerning each case.  These reviews drastically shorten the time between file review and filing decision, which is a necessity when handling a high volume of cases."

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